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Local E-Commerce Marketplace

LocIT provides local organizations that service and promote the community such as newspapers, chambers of commerce, and local government agencies with a "turnkey" e-commerce marketplace website and routed distribution system that can strengthen the local economy by keeping e-commerce dollars at home.

With LocIT, there is nothing left to create. We take care of it and lock it into place for you. Special features include:

  • Attractive website with your URL
  • Access for participating retailers
  • Receive 24/7 customer support from the LocIT team.
  • Proof of delivery photos.
  • One order can include several sellers.
  • Each order is barcode-tracked.
  • Optimized delivery routes.
  • Full accounting and financial reporting for your e-commerce website.
  • An integrated inventory system.
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For Newspapers

Local newspapers can help local businesses increase their sales by sponsoring a "buy local" website. For years, the local newspaper was the central hub and resource for promoting products and services for local businesses. By sponsoring a local e-commerce website, the newspaper continues to play that role. And a percentage of the sales made on the website will help pay the bills to keep local journalism alive and thriving. Newspapers can manage the built-in LocIT delivery process themselves or outsource it to a local delivery company.

image of the front of a local government building that would benefit from a local e-commerce marketplace to help boost the sales of downtown businesses

For Local Governments

The Business Development office can do a great service for the local business community by having the city or town sponsor a local ecommerce marketplace. Retailers and producers in the community are losing business to national websites and you can help by giving the community a local option. If all or most sellers in your community list their products and services on a single website, the community will have the broad selection that national websites offer, and e-commerce dollars will stay at home.

the front of a local chamber of commerce building who's members would benefit from a local e-commerce marketplace where their chamber members could list products for sale

For Chambers of Commerce

Local Chambers of Commerce are uniquely positioned to sponsor a local e-commerce marketplace because their mission is to support local businesses and build a healthy local economy. LocIT can help. LocIT will provide full support for creating a chamber-sponsored website where local sellers can list their products and services and recoup sales now lost to national e-commerce websites. The local community will have access to a broad selection of products from all participating sellers on a single website with same-day delivery.

The System Has 6 Major Components

1. A modern website with powerful search capabilities.
Your organization's name and logo will be on the homepage's header. The goal is to make sure customers see it is your e-commerce website. As an added SEO bonus, you can backlink it from your organization's website as well.

2. Offers a routed distribution system that supports the pick-up process.
Once a purchase is made, our routing system picks up products from sellers, sorts them by delivery route, and delivers them to the customers in an optimized fashion. That way, the customer will receive their products on time and will increase the possibility they'll purchase again from the seller. Happy customers equal more business for you!

3. Each seller has their own account on the system.
Every participating seller has a personalized account that informs them of new purchases and lets them adjust the number of products available for sale, price changes, and anything else when needed.

4. Our system includes a full-featured inventory database.
While most products on the website would be those of local sellers, your organization might also wish to inventory products for sale on the website.
Some examples of items you might sell would be:

  • Sports merchandise for a local sports team.
  • Garments with local business branding including logos.
  • Photos of local landmarks.

5. The LocIT system has an easy returns process.
A simple returns process is a critical feature for an e-commerce site. The LocIT returns process is super simple. Here's how it works:

  • The customer clicks on the item's return icon in their purchases list.
  • The next driver servicing that area picks it up from the doorstep.

6. All financial activity is tracked.
The system includes a full accounting of all financial activity including sales by seller, credit card charges, sales tax collection, commissions to the sponsor, etc., and includes an easy-to-use program to reconcile financial activity to your bank account.

a young woman shopping online at home on her laptop using the LocIT local e-commerce marketplace to buy local goods
Modern Website
a delivery van used to deliver purchases on the same day that are made on the LocIT local e-commerce marketplace
Local Distribution
a local business owner using her laptop to log into the LocIT e-commerce marketplace to manage their products and sales
Full Seller Access
two warehouse workers managing the inventory of local businesses when purchased through the LocIT e-commerce marketplace
Inventory Management
screenshot of the easy returns dashboard inside the LocIT local e-commerce marketplace for users to view past purchases and return the product
Easy Returns
two local business owners tracking their financial activity on the LocIT local e-commerce marketplace platform
Financial Analysis

Additional Features & Benefits



Let's chat about how a local e-commerce marketplace can benefit your local community. Help your local businesses by contacting us at support@teaksi.com, giving us a call at (971) 259-4274, or filling out the form below to leave us a message.

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